SharePoint 2016 Zero Downtime patching … demystified by Stefan Gossner

So one of the exciting news from SharePoint 2016 is that it is possible to have zero downtime when patching, this is a real game changing for all you IT Admins out there.

But sometimes it is important to have this information made clear, so Stefan Gossner has made a post on the topic to help  understanding it.

Common Problem with Content Deployment: mixing incremental and full deployment

From Stefan Gossner blog a very important article on the diference between Full and Incremental deployment.

A common error I often see is that customers are mixing incremental and full deployment when deploying a site collection. E.g. use incremental deployment every day and full deployment once a week – just to be sure (maybe because they do not trust incremental?)

The problem is that incremental and full deployment do not deploy the same type of content. So the data on source and destination might no longer be the same.

You can find this article here.

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