SharePoint 2016 Zero Downtime patching … demystified by Stefan Gossner

So one of the exciting news from SharePoint 2016 is that it is possible to have zero downtime when patching, this is a real game changing for all you IT Admins out there.

But sometimes it is important to have this information made clear, so Stefan Gossner has made a post on the topic to help  understanding it.

SharePoint 2016 Administration – MinRole

With the new version of SharePoint some of the administration tasks will be more friendly, one example is the MinRole Feature.


MinRole feature will allow the administrators managing server roles when setting up or adding servers to a SharePoint farm.

MinRole Description

This new way of managing server roles will allow administrators to focus on what each role should have as service associated, and not spending a lot of time to do it server by server.

MinRole association to Services

The three main benefits Microsoft identifies for using MinRole are:

  • Simplified deployment
  • Improved performance and reliability
  • Simpler capacity planning and farm scalability




Sharepoint Server 2016 Preview Download available

Microsoft has already made available (28th August) the download of the Sharepoint Server 2016 Preview. Here are the links:

Sharepoint Server 2016 Preview Download

Sharepoint Server 2016 Preview Datasheet

Sharepoint Server 2016 Preview Reviewer Guide

With this version Sharepoint reaches its 6th version:

  • 2001: Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server 2001
  • 2003: Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server 2003
  • 2007: Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007
  • 2010: Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010
  • 2013: Microsoft  Sharepoint Server 2013
  • 2016: Microsoft  Sharepoint Server 2016

Sharepoint 2016 – Ignite and Technet

With the Ignite event on May, there is a lot of information that starts to be available on the next version of Sharepoint, so the Sharepoint 2016.

One of the most important features is the focus on the Hybrid approach, which is in reality what customers will opt for, instead of moving directly to the cloud.

With that perspective the integration between Sharepoint and Office 365 is also a strong point.

Ignite Session Videos:


With the first public Beta version being delivered in the Q4 of 2015, this is the next big thing …

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