SharePoint 2010: Search sorting with text properties problem

In SharePoint 2010 if you configure some text properties, or even properties like title, to be used for sorting on search results, you might end up with an error like:

error exception from hresult: 0x80040e60


The solution is to change the setting in the Managed Property Storage setting of the properties in question, and then perform a full crawl.


This solve my problem and the error disappeared.

What is the cause?

Aparently the setting of this option is directly linked the MaxCharactersInPropertyStoreIndex internaly, and for those that would like to dig a bit more, you can analyse the source code of the ManagedProperty.aspx page and understand the internally Sharepoint is performing a check that will fail if the setting is not to use the “Reduce storage requirements for tet properties by using a hash comparison

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