Lisbon Office 2013 DevCamp


Last monday I attended the first day of the Lisbon Office 2013 DevCamp, were the focus was mainly on Apps for Office and Sharepoint.

Well being a Sharepoint person, I had to attend.

The known concept of Apps applied to Office and Sharepoint seems to be most promising, nevertheless it makes us to think in a different way on developing.


Well the Apps are IN so why not take advantage of this hype and develop in a new and more attractive way.

Try to look at it in terms of business, you can make money from your simple development.

Client Side Object Model is extended, and in a BIG way, almost every Server Side interface are exposed in the Client Side nowadays.

A very rapid ramp up on development and deployment.

Cleaner and more simple acquisition and installation methods.


No more SandBox solutions (this one personally is positive 🙂 )

Cannot be used in Farm level or Full Trust.

Probably you will need to reprogram your already existing code, to be used in an App solution.

To sum up:

It is a very exciting new way of developing, that together with eDiscovery and Comunities make for me 3 of the main features to look up to in Sharepoint 2013.

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