Free Microsoft E-Books

One of the most valueable thing is knowledge, therefore every way we can have access to it is most welcome.


Microsoft has over the years been releasing e-books for free on their technologies, and now we have a MONSTER list:

  • Sharepoint
  • Azure and Cloud
  • Development
  • Visual Studio and TFS
  • SQL Server
  • Windows
  • and more


you can find these e-books at this link:



Sharepoint 2013 – APPS, the new thing!!!

Well, Microsoft keeps sending us surprises with every new version of Sharepoint, this time one of the surprises is APPs . . . Yes, you are right, those applications that we are now used to have on almost every Operating System, like IOS, Android and even Windows.

So why should we be excited with the possibility of building APPs?????

– It is a new way to provide functionalities and solutions (no Farm or Full Trust though).

– You can make money from it

– It is a hype, therefore usually people like it


So were can we start to build APPs?

go to the Microsoft’s APPs for Office and Sharepoint Dev Center and get your information, tools, and samples.





Sharepoint Miscelaneous Links

Today I want to post a list of links on many diferent subjects that I have checked on my RSS feeds.

How to Build a SharePoint Development Machine

Are you looking for a complete description on how to build a Sharepoint Development Environment? well, look no further Eli Robillard has done a very complete article on how to build this. I would like to point out to a very important detail in his article:

The configuration described here is intended for a good laptop, which today is limited to 4Gb RAM. If you have 4Gb, give the virtual machine 2Gb. If you have 3Gb, give the virtual machine either 1.5Gb or 2Gb. If you have 2Gb or less, buy more RAM or host your virtual server elsewhere. Seriously.

This is a very important detail because unfortunately from my own experience working in a 2Gb RAM virtual environment or less is really a pain . . .

You can find this article here.

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