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Office 365 Project Portfolio apps now available

  The Project Portfolio Dashboard apps are now available in the app stores for Office and Apple. These apps consists of powerful dashboards to allow managers (business leaders, portfolio managers and project managers) to have insights on key milestones, active risks/issues, costs,  project

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Reimagine SharePoint Development Guidance

With a new version of Sharepoint comes new challenges and doubts. Microsoft has released a new Development Guidance to help us make some decisions. When should we use APPs? Cloud or premisses? … Should I ask for a raise? ok,

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Sharepoint 2013 – APPS, the new thing!!!

Well, Microsoft keeps sending us surprises with every new version of Sharepoint, this time one of the surprises is APPs . . . Yes, you are right, those applications that we are now used to have on almost every Operating

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OAuth, what is this???

the definition from msdn: “OAuth is an open protocol for authorization. OAuth enables secure authorization from desktop and web applications in a simple and standard way. OAuth enables users to approve an application to act on their behalf without sharing

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Lisbon Office 2013 DevCamp

Last monday I attended the first day of the Lisbon Office 2013 DevCamp, were the focus was mainly on Apps for Office and Sharepoint. Well being a Sharepoint person, I had to attend. The known concept of Apps applied to

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