Office 365 Project Portfolio apps now available


The Project Portfolio Dashboard apps are now available in the app stores for Office and Apple.

These apps consists of powerful dashboards to allow managers (business leaders, portfolio managers and project managers) to have insights on key milestones, active risks/issues, costs,  project portfolio performance and resource utilization.

Download from Office Store: downloading the web app

Download for Ipad: Download the iPad app


Reimagine SharePoint Development Guidance

With a new version of Sharepoint comes new challenges and doubts.

Microsoft has released a new Development Guidance to help us make some decisions.

When should we use APPs? Cloud or premisses? … Should I ask for a raise? ok, the last one is not part of the guidance 🙂


In the download you can choose between Deciding Between Apps For SharePoint And SharePoint Solutions and Moodle And Office365 With ADFS, both in pdf and xps formats.


You can download this new Guidance here:



Sharepoint 2013 – APPS, the new thing!!!

Well, Microsoft keeps sending us surprises with every new version of Sharepoint, this time one of the surprises is APPs . . . Yes, you are right, those applications that we are now used to have on almost every Operating System, like IOS, Android and even Windows.

So why should we be excited with the possibility of building APPs?????

– It is a new way to provide functionalities and solutions (no Farm or Full Trust though).

– You can make money from it

– It is a hype, therefore usually people like it


So were can we start to build APPs?

go to the Microsoft’s APPs for Office and Sharepoint Dev Center and get your information, tools, and samples.





OAuth, what is this???

the definition from msdn:

OAuth is an open protocol for authorization. OAuth enables secure authorization from desktop and web applications in a simple and standard way. OAuth enables users to approve an application to act on their behalf without sharing their user name and password. For example, it enables users to share their private resources or data (contact list, documents, photos, videos and so on) that are stored on one site with another site, without users having to provide their credentials (typically user name and password).

OAuth enables users to authorize the service provider (in this case, SharePoint 2013) to provide tokens instead of credentials (for example, user name and password) to their data that is hosted by a given service provider (that is, SharePoint 2013). Each token grants access to a specific site (for example, a SharePoint document repository) for specific resources (for example, documents from a folder) and for a defined duration (for example, 30 minutes). This enables a user to grant a third-party site access to information that is stored with another service provider (in this case, SharePoint), without sharing their user name and password and without sharing all the data that they have on SharePoint.


Amit Kumawat also has done a very good job trying to explain what is OAuth and how it is used.


You can find his article here.

it seems that there is one more new concept for all of us to get familiarised with.


Lisbon Office 2013 DevCamp


Last monday I attended the first day of the Lisbon Office 2013 DevCamp, were the focus was mainly on Apps for Office and Sharepoint.

Well being a Sharepoint person, I had to attend.

The known concept of Apps applied to Office and Sharepoint seems to be most promising, nevertheless it makes us to think in a different way on developing.


Well the Apps are IN so why not take advantage of this hype and develop in a new and more attractive way.

Try to look at it in terms of business, you can make money from your simple development.

Client Side Object Model is extended, and in a BIG way, almost every Server Side interface are exposed in the Client Side nowadays.

A very rapid ramp up on development and deployment.

Cleaner and more simple acquisition and installation methods.


No more SandBox solutions (this one personally is positive 🙂 )

Cannot be used in Farm level or Full Trust.

Probably you will need to reprogram your already existing code, to be used in an App solution.

To sum up:

It is a very exciting new way of developing, that together with eDiscovery and Comunities make for me 3 of the main features to look up to in Sharepoint 2013.

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