Workflow History Description field limitation 255 characters

Well we know that Sharepoint is a WORLD to be discovered, in my opinion is in fact many worlds if you want to really know about it. Another thing is that no matter how many years of experience you have on it, that are always new things to discover, some good some bad . . . this time is one of the bad ones 😦

One of my customers has as application of Ideas Management implemented in Sharepoint, the process os approval is based in Sharepoint 2010 workflows. When one idea is rejected it is written a justification text so that it stays associated to the Idea, in this specific case it stays associates to the workflow task.

Ok, so far no problem . . . the user types the justification of the rejection on the multiline field (Description) in the workflow task, and rejects.

So when the Idea author goes and tries to read the justification the text appears truncated … ??? Hum!!! so what is the problem?

The text fields in workflows are limited by design to 255 characters, so even though you can write more than 255 and it is stored (you can check this in the Workflow Tasks List) when it lists the workflow history in the workflow page it truncates the text to the 255 characters.

So the advice (Best Practices) from Microsoft in these cases are to ensure the text in the text fields in workflows do not exceed the 255 characters.

Sharepoint, always a surprise . . sometimes good sometimes bad!

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