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My story with Sharepoint – 10 years and counting

In January of 2004 I had my first contact with Sharepoint, at that time it was the 2003 version, and my first project was to implement an Intranet Portal for a Government Entity, related to the energy area. I never

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Why I Use Sharepoint – Videos

I found a series of funny videos to illustrate some of the situations that Sharepoint can help. The situations are very close to some of the realities I have come across 🙂 I don’t know who is the author of

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Reimagine SharePoint Development Guidance

With a new version of Sharepoint comes new challenges and doubts. Microsoft has released a new Development Guidance to help us make some decisions. When should we use APPs? Cloud or premisses? … Should I ask for a raise? ok,

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Visual Studio 11 – Productivity Booster !!!

Last Wednesday I went to a Microsoft’s Portugal Event on Visual Studio 11, it has been a while since my last event and the topic is very interesting to me. This was an event that was divided into 6 sessions:

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Sharepoint 2010 in channel 9

Nowadays we have a lot of resources on Sharepoint, but one of the first was Channel9 and is still used as one of the main channels for us to get valid information on Sharepoint. Channel9:   Besides Sharepoint you can

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Sharepoint Browser Support – All browsers latest version supported . . .

One of the questions we get a lot in the beginning of projects is what browsers are supported by Sharepoint, this is usually after the clients demand that the implementation must be supported for all browsers . . . or

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Sharepoint 2007 – Updating Child Content Types problem

There are still a lot of implementations of Sharepoint 2007, and I still work with some. This week we came across a problem updating content types across a site collection using the User Interface and I didn’t find any reference

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