Microsoft TechDays 2009 – Developers virtual conference

This is a very exciting event, imagine this . . . 24 hours, 95 live sessions, free registration!!!

Well, this is a reality and it will happen on the next April 1st . . .  and it isn’t a joke!

Microsoft is making a very unique conference:

  • 24 hour of live sessions
  • 95 sessions for you to choose from
  • virtual event you can follow on your computer at work or at home
  • free registration
  • 5 tracks: Windows Development and Frameworks, Windows Mobile Development, Office and SharePoint Development, Developer Tools, Languages & Practices, Web Development & User Experience.
  • You can build your own agenda
  • promotions for just attending (50% off in certifications, second chance to pass certifications and MSDN subscriptions)

If this doesn’t convince you to register, well I don’t know what will . . .

You can access this TechDays 2009 :


I am definitely attending, and will post my agenda for the event, do send your feedback.

Scrum, Silverlight, MVVM pattern and Sharepoint . . . of course!

My new project has a lot of chalenging parts for me, Silverlight 2.0 and MVVM (Model – View – ViewModel) pattern and Scrum project organization.

This is all relatively new to me, so it is a very good chalenge to start working also in new approaches along side Sharepoint. The most chalenging part, up to now, is the MVVM pattern aplication to Silverlight. Because I am a Sharepoint developer and have been away from the WPF world for a while, it is good to get back to this part and specially to new paradigms of architecture patterns.

The Scrum part of the project allow us to define more realistic objectives and shorter delivery periods, it is also new to me, so I am in the learning process 🙂

Hope to let you know more as I move forward in the project.

DevDays09 – Day 1

In the first day of DevDays09 in Portugal, TagusPark, we had a very pleasant sunny day , and some very good sessions.



  • Some pointers from Microsoft on the new products and technologies.
  • WUX211 – Silverlight data and Controls: a good overview on silverlight data acquisition and the use of custom controls to present it.
  • ARC202 – Introduction to windows Azure and the Azure service: Beat Shwegler has done an overview and some demos on Azure services.
  • WUX301 – Silverlight 2 good practices – Pedro Fortes has shown and warned us on good practices and some problematic approaches in developing and using Silverlight in web and applications.
  • WIN202 – .NET Framework 4.0 – Nuno Godinho told us  the mains topics and news on the new version of the .NET Framework.
  • WUX207 – Sharepoint Deployment – André Vala and Raul presented a very useful session on deployment in MOSS, the available techniques and the best approaches.

The session of Sharepoint development: The good the bad and the villain  of Bruno Valente and Rui Melo has been transferred to day 2 at 15:45 room 17 – WUX302

waiting for a very good day 2.

Microsoft TAG and QR Code

Have you ever heard about bar codes that cellphones or PDAs could read? No?  Well, they exist and are around for about 14 years!

Imagine that your CellPhone or PDA is capable of reading “Bar Codes”, and that these “Bar Codes” have more information than the typical product ID, well this is a reality for about 14 years. Of course that the “Bar Code” is not the typical one we are used to see in products, but instead it is a graphical representation of colors.

QR Code

This technology has been around for 14 years, and is essentially a square with black and white squares that represent data.

Welcome message
Welcome message
Techtalkpt URL
Techtalkpt URL

 These two examples allow you to test the QR code reader: i-nigma

You can generate your own labels at this URL:

Microsoft TAG

Microsoft Tag is the answer from Microsoft based in the HCCB technology, is represented by a square with multiple color triangles.

Welcome Message
Welcome Message
Techtalkpt URL
Techtalkpt URL

These two examples allow you to test the TAG reader: reader

You can generate your own Tags at this URL:


In the battle between these 2 technologies, QR Code is way ahead due to its 14 years of existence and of appliance, but because HCCB is capable of having more data in a smaller Tag and it is Microsoft there is in my personal view a serious contendant to QR Code, and depending on Microsofts stategy, it might be a part of our life quicker than we though.

Happy New Year of 2009

Happy New Year of 2009 for all are my sincere wishes, may your dreams come true and never stop believing that tomorrow will be better than today.

Changing workplace: Goodbye Link! Hello PT-SI!

Well it has been a very busy month of December, finishing all the work at Link and starting my new functions at PT Sistemas de Informação (PT-SI).  PT-SI is the Information Technology Company of the Group Portugal Telecom (PT).

In this new chapter of my professional life, I can tell you that there is a lot of Sharepoint ahead of me, on some new project scales (since I am no longer restricted to the Goverment and Public entities) and I am at the Portals and Collaboration unit (suggestive, right?).

One last note to thank everyone at Link that during almost 3 years made me feel at home.

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