HTML5 Test – see what rate has your browser

HTML5 is becoming a very important thing, and we all need to became aware of what it is, what can be done, but mre important were can we use it.

In times were the clients want their solutions torun in every device (or at least in almost avery device), it is important to have the notion of the possible solutons.

In my opinion HTML5 still has a long way to go in browser compatability, but it is a very exciting new way of handling and implementing solutions.

So, do you want to test at what extent does your browser rate in the use of HTM5?

Just use the following url and tested yourself.

Co-authoring documents in Sharepoint 2010

One of the questions most customers ask me regarding the collaborative work of documents is if more than one person can edit the same document at the same time. The classic approach using Sharepoint was to edit a document from a document library and this would enable you to do your work while everybody else would have access to a read-only version.
With the release of Office 2010 Microsoft enabled a very cool functionality, the co-authoring! Basically this enables a document to be edited by more than one person at the same time, restricting the zone that is being edited and allowing every other part of the document to be edited by someone else. Pretty cool, right?

Using Sharepoint there are a few configurations you have to set to have this working smoothly:

– Set the correct permissions to the document library
– Enable versioning major and minor versions. If you are using Onenote documents enable only major versions (note: Onenote does autosave and this can result in synch problems with minor versions).
– Do NOT require Check Out to edit a document

after this you can test yourself!

A simple but very useful functionality for everyone that needs to work in a collaborative way in the same documents, like reports or proposals.

Sharepoint 2010 and some more

Well I am back 🙂

I have been away from posting for a while now, but I will try to get back to posting more often.

At this time I am very actively working with Sharepoint 2010, in Internet and Intranet scenarios. With

2010 we had the need to get a real laptop, with the ability to running Sharepoint, so I have a new toy . . . the HP EliteBook 8540w!!! it is indeed a very good computer, but my problem with it is that HP does not support Windows Server 2008, and therefore the drivers available are almost non-existent.

Another new experience has been working more seriously with Hyper-V . . . my thoughts? well if you had used VMWare, Virtual Server/PC or even Virtualbox the administration part was very easy, and the reuse of Virtual Machines was very easy. In Hyper-V this is all less intuitive and more hard. I know that with Hyper-V one of the objective is to have a more robust virtualization . . . and one last thing on Hyper-V, it should be available in Windows 7 !!!!!

I will be presenting at TechDays 2010 in Portugal (22 April – 15:15)

This year I will be attending and presenting at the Portuguese TechDays 2010, my session is scheduled for the 22nd April, 15:15 and it is on the subject of “Creating better solutions for the citizen using Sharepoint and CRM“.

The main focus is the Citizen Services Platform from Microsoft, more specifically the sub-set of Sharepoint and CRM and how this integration can be a great solution for the Citizens and for the provider.

The rest of the days I will be attending and helping promote the SPUGPT – Portuguese Sharepoint Community.

.NET University Resources

Sharepoint is not the only thing our life so here are some resources from .NET University on many topics. The resources available include Slide Decks, Demo code and Videos.

The topics available are:

  • Web Programming
  • Programming with Silverlight
  • SharePoint 2007 Fundamentals
  • Data Access Fundamentals
  • .Net 3.0 Introduction
  • BizTalk Server 2006 Introduction
  • Windows 7 for Developers
  • Vista for Developers
  • Selected Developer Topics

You can access these resources here.

New Year new professional chalenges, I am now working at Noesis

The new year brought some changes to my professional life, so I left PTSI and joined Noesis to the Software Consulting unit.

I am looking forward to this challenge because it allows me not only to continue my work with Sharepoint, but also to be in touch with other technologies and roles.

One last word to all my friends at PTSI thank you for your help and support during the projects and your friendship, it was only a year but very good things have come up.

So a new year brings a new professional challenge.

ZX Spectrum to remember

I had to share this off-topic subject . . .
When I was about 10 years old I was given a ZX Spectrum clone, it was the Timex 2048 a 48KB computer for us kids to play.
This was my introduction to the computer world, because not only did I played the games, but I also learned Basic and started programming and building games.

So if you were one of those, like me, that spent hours in front of the TV, waited about 5 minutes for a game to load and loved that the most important thing in a game was playability and not graphics, this is a link for you:

You have loads of games organized by year, and I bet the ones you most played are there.

My personal top of ZX SPectrum games:

Formula One
Daley Thompsons Decathlon
Bruce Lee
The Way of the Exploding Fist
Frank Brunos Boxing
School Daze
Match Day

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