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Strategy – When to use SharePoint, Yammer, Office365, Outlook or Skype

On Channel 9 there are a number of resources on SharePoint, today I am highlighting one that includes SharePoint. The evolution of Office365 has raised a number of questions that sometimes are difficult for the end user to understand, because some

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SharePoint Training – Online and On Premises

One of the most common questions I am asked is were can resources and training information be found for different levels. Well, the best option I can point you at is Microsoft 🙂 more specifically the Microsoft Virtual Academy (

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Sharepoint versus open source solutions in times of crisis

Ok, this is an old discussion but in the financial crisis environment , many organizations are trying to get rid of licencing and opt for free or much cheaper solutions. So this lead us to the main question, is sharepoint

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Do you want to keep learning? why not online and for free . . .

One of the things we acknowledge very quickly in our area is that you need to keep updated in knowledge. This will be easy if you have the taste to learn! If you do why not learn from exciting courses

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New baby boy, less posts :)

Well for the last 3 weeks I have been posting less due to the birth of my new baby boy. I am now a very proud father of 3 boys.   So in the next few weeks I count on

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Sharepoint – how to “sell” the concept?

If you need to “sell” the concept of Sharepoint to a client or even in your own organization, there are a few pointers to keep in mind, so I will try to sum up the dos and don’ts. Before the list,

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Visual Studio 11 – Productivity Booster !!!

Last Wednesday I went to a Microsoft’s Portugal Event on Visual Studio 11, it has been a while since my last event and the topic is very interesting to me. This was an event that was divided into 6 sessions:

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