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Sharepoint Server 2016 Preview Download available

Microsoft has already made available (28th August) the download of the Sharepoint Server 2016 Preview. Here are the links: Sharepoint Server 2016 Preview Download Sharepoint Server 2016 Preview Datasheet Sharepoint Server 2016 Preview Reviewer Guide With this version Sharepoint reaches

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When will we have the next version of Sharepoint? or a sneak peak?

Accordingly to Mary Jo Foley (From ZDnet) not before 2015! My bet will be the 3 year gap, so 2016. Just to keep the usual time frame. You can find Mary’s article here. From Real Story Group kind of a

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My story with Sharepoint – 10 years and counting

In January of 2004 I had my first contact with Sharepoint, at that time it was the 2003 version, and my first project was to implement an Intranet Portal for a Government Entity, related to the energy area. I never

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Sharepoint – how to “sell” the concept?

If you need to “sell” the concept of Sharepoint to a client or even in your own organization, there are a few pointers to keep in mind, so I will try to sum up the dos and don’ts. Before the list,

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New Theme for a new series of posts . . .

Well here we go again, changing themes and starting to post …  

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Sharepoint 2007 – Updating Child Content Types problem

There are still a lot of implementations of Sharepoint 2007, and I still work with some. This week we came across a problem updating content types across a site collection using the User Interface and I didn’t find any reference

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FINALLY, Microsoft Embraces Social — And It’s Going to be Big

FINALLY, Microsoft Embraces Social — And It’s Going to be Big

I have come accross an article in Forbes web site on Social Enterprise in Microsoft products and strategy, if you follow the Sharepoint evolution you know that this is one of the areas that has been growing in every new version of the product.

Since the 2007 version (MOSS) that Microsoft has started a trail of Enterprise Social networking, providing  features that allow knowledge sharing, profiles connections among others. These were upgraded in the 2010 version but are still in a very early stage, and we hope that in the next version of Sharepoint this can be really an investment.

Check out the Frobes article at:


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