SharepointPT Day! the after report . . .

SharepointPT - Sharepoint Portuguese Community

It was the first big event of the SharepointPT so we were a bit stressed out on how it would turn out . . . and guess what???? it was an excellent event !!!

A packed room with excellent speakers and a lot of Sharepoint 🙂

So we started with an intro by Rodrigo Pinto representing the SharepointPT, followed by the session of Joel Oleson.

Joel Oleson’s The worst practices in development session was great, good inputs, good wakeup calls and most of all many questions on the subject.

Afterwards we had Mark Miller live form New York, this session was on The Missing Link between SharePoint and the End User Community, the importance of endusers on the implementations of Sharepoint. A lot of interest on the subject by the attendants and some pretty cool interaction between Mark and Joel.

After lunch we had a session on Sharepoint Online by João Bilhim and Denis Heliszkowski from Microsoft, this session showed us what can and cannot be done on Sharepoint Online.

The last session was SharePoint2010 – Nuts and Bolts on Development  with Rodrigo Pinto & Rui Melo  from our own SharepointPT a session / Chalk Talk that provided us with the pointers to better development.

It was a great day for all that attended and organized this event, I would like to thank specially to our speakers, attendants and organizers for making this event great and for giving us reasons to organize much more.

See you in the next community meeting or event.

SharePointPTDay – One day event with Sharepoint Gurus

The Portuguese Sharepoint Community – SPUGPT is gathering a mega event for everyone that is interested in Sharepoint, but with some major upgrades from the usual community meetings . . . this one has some very special speakers: Joel Oleson and Mark Miller.

So the details?

When? 29th September (all day)

Where? Microsoft Portugal Auditorium (Tagus Park – Porto Salvo)

Who can attend? everyone, just need to register

Where can I register?

Where can I access more details?

Who are the speakers? Joel Oleson, Mark Miller, Rui Melo, Rodrigo Pinto, Denis Heliszkowski and João Bilhim.

How much will it cost? nothing, it is free!!!!

 Well, I think this sums up the main info, you can access more information on the events website: Or you can email me for details.

Meeting of the SPUGPT – Portuguese Sharepoint Community

It will be held a meeting of the SPUGPT – Portuguese Sharepoint Community next saturday the 8th May, during the morning.

If you are interested in attending do register at the SPUGPT ( site to receive an invitation.

You can also follow the SPUGPT in the following media:

Hope to see you there.

I will be presenting at TechDays 2010 in Portugal (22 April – 15:15)

This year I will be attending and presenting at the Portuguese TechDays 2010, my session is scheduled for the 22nd April, 15:15 and it is on the subject of “Creating better solutions for the citizen using Sharepoint and CRM“.

The main focus is the Citizen Services Platform from Microsoft, more specifically the sub-set of Sharepoint and CRM and how this integration can be a great solution for the Citizens and for the provider.

The rest of the days I will be attending and helping promote the SPUGPT – Portuguese Sharepoint Community.

There is a new community web space called SharepointGovernance, the objective is for the community to share the good and the bad experiences and to access some of the Sharepoint Gurus.

The focus is Governance and good practices!

You can access this new site here.

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