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Sharepoint Server 2016 Preview Download available

Microsoft has already made available (28th August) the download of the Sharepoint Server 2016 Preview. Here are the links: Sharepoint Server 2016 Preview Download Sharepoint Server 2016 Preview Datasheet Sharepoint Server 2016 Preview Reviewer Guide With this version Sharepoint reaches

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Sharepoint 2016 – Ignite and Technet

With the Ignite event on May, there is a lot of information that starts to be available on the next version of Sharepoint, so the Sharepoint 2016. One of the most important features is the focus on the Hybrid approach,

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When will we have the next version of Sharepoint? or a sneak peak?

Accordingly to Mary Jo Foley (From ZDnet) not before 2015! My bet will be the 3 year gap, so 2016. Just to keep the usual time frame. You can find Mary’s article here. From Real Story Group kind of a

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My story with Sharepoint – 10 years and counting

In January of 2004 I had my first contact with Sharepoint, at that time it was the 2003 version, and my first project was to implement an Intranet Portal for a Government Entity, related to the energy area. I never

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Sharepoint versus open source solutions in times of crisis

Ok, this is an old discussion but in the financial crisis environment , many organizations are trying to get rid of licencing and opt for free or much cheaper solutions. So this lead us to the main question, is sharepoint

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Sharepoint ONLINE: What, Why and How.

For a few years Microsoft has an online version of Sharepoint, but if you asked the partners if they would advice clients to opt for this solution, the answer would be negative. Why? because the Sharepoint online was a very

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Workflow History Description field limitation 255 characters

Well we know that Sharepoint is a WORLD to be discovered, in my opinion is in fact many worlds if you want to really know about it. Another thing is that no matter how many years of experience you have

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