Sharepoint – the enterprise tool for the Social



Sharepoint has tried to provide means of enabling and boosting the enterprise social networking inside enterprises, but up to know it has been very “basic” approaches.

With the 2013 version, Sharepoint in my opinion, starts to have some serious solutions, even if most are based on existing solutions (some of them for some years now).

So what is really exciting about social enterprise networking?

Well, try finding specific skills in a very big enterprise with hundreds or thousand collaborators . . . unless this information is already stored and available on systems it is a real pain to find skills or knowledge.

Enterprise tools or platforms allow a simple, practical and robust solution on such matters, like knowing and get known inside an enterprise.

One of the most challenging tasks is to maintain your collaborators motivated and productive, what better way than for them to realize that their knowledge and expertise are rewarded?

So with this topic let me talk about communities, it is not a new concept in the web, far from it, but in Sharepoint it is like it is provided in the 2013 version.

Imagine that in your Enterprise (like mine) you have consultants and they can be of such different areas like Infrastructures, development or integrations and from such technologies as Microsoft, Outsystems, Qlikview, SAP or others. So how can you manage the knowledge and interaction between all these hundreds or thousands of consultants? one possible solution is communities, that allow you to create groups (communities) of different themes. This will allow, for example,  to have a community for .NET development and another for Outsystems.

I will start a series of posts on 2013 topics and the first will be communities. More on this in future posts.



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