Visual Studio 11 – Productivity Booster !!!

Last Wednesday I went to a Microsoft’s Portugal Event on Visual Studio 11, it has been a while since my last event and the topic is very interesting to me.

This was an event that was divided into 6 sessions:

  • Keynote – Welcome to Visual Studio 11 (with Jay Schmelzer)
  • What’s new in the Visual Studio IDE (with Michael Koster)
  • Agile Application life-cycle Management with Visual Studio 11 (with Mitch Lacey)
  • Async -New Feature for Responsive Programming in Visual Studio 11 and .Net 4.5 (with Caio Proiete)
  • Software Testing with Microsoft Test Manager 11 and Lab Management (with Luis Carvalho)
  • Visual Studio 11 and Windows Azure (with Jay Schmelzer)


To sum up the event I think the new version of the VS is much programmer friendly, on subjects like Search, Snippets, Project Templates, functionalities and preview.

So, the new VS11 will support HTML5 (DOCTYPE) and has code snippets of HTML. The Code Snippets were largely upgraded and have much more than only C#, you can even find MVC specific snippets.

Another excellent new feature is the search, you will have search in almost every context. This allows you to be more productive in finding what you are looking for.

The preview tab, allows you to see a specific file content, without opening a new tab, this will help prevent the flooding of tabs that we all know and hate.

On project templates, specifically to Sharepoint, Microsoft has made available much less than the previous version. This was done because the templates used were only a few, this way we can continue to use the solutions templates and add all the other project types that we need.

So we get to the TFS (Team Foundation Server) part, here we have some very exciting news.

We will be able to suspend and Shelve using snapshots, this will allow us to freeze an environment up to the break point 😉

Both have the same principle, but the suspend is to be used when we are interupted, and the shelve when we want to save changes without checkin to the TFS.

The Lab management part has also some very useful news, we now can set has target environments any type of Virtual Machines and our own laptops or desktops. This is managed using agents installed on the target machine.

This is just a small sample of the VS11, that you can start using right now, the beta version is available for download.

You can find the download here:


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