Sharepoint new version – what we expect!

Well, here we are in the silly season of the launch of a new version of Sharepoint.
We know that the information available is under NDA (non disclosure agreement) so any info is generic or simply imagination.
I would prefer that some of the information on the new version were public, so that the community could start investing in the areas that will be “the future”.

Nevertheless I will enlist some of the wishes I personally have on the evolution of Sharepoint:

– Better mobile experience: The mobile vision of sharepoint has been present for quite a few years, but never had a strong implementation. With the era of applications in mobile devices Microsoft has to step up their game regarding Sharepoint.

– Developing Internet Web sites: Sharepoint is a great platform to build sites, but for the web we have to build a LOT of functionalities and interfaces some of them because the interfaces that Microsoft provide us simply are not internet oriented (a small example surveys).

– Better cross browser experience: this is a tricky one, but in a time were clients want their site in every device available, it is essential that the platform helps on this one.

– The Cloud: Microsoft is investing big in the cloud, so it makes sense that the new version in cloud enabled, were we can have better and easier integration and hosting.

– Web Design integration: For everyone that has to integrate web design into a sharepoint site, knows the pain that this can be. With the evolution of the design and the new trends, it is important to have the ability to have the minimum limitation on this subject.

– Social Networking: Microsoft has already bet on this part in the present Sharepoint version, but is seems a bit basic to me. So with the evolution of social computing I believe that Sharepoint has also to adapt. We need to make the distinction between Social Enterprise and Social Computing, Sharepoint needs to have better integration with the Social world.

This is a small list of wishes and I DO NOT have knowledge of the new version of Sharepoint.

For now we just have to wait and see what Microsoft will give us on the next version of Sharepoint.

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