Manage Farm Solutions: Successfully copied solution files to IIS site

Well, every Sharepoint project seems to teach me something new, this time it was about farm servers and solutions deployments.

The Scenario:

1 Farm
2 WebFront servers
2 Applicational Servers
1 Cluster SQL

When we started to setup and configure the farm, the server WebFront1 started having some bizarre behavior, that at the time it could be related to FBA configuration (that it didn’t explained the scenario). The decision at the time was to take stop the Web Applicatoin service of this server leaving the farm with only one WebFront (webfront2) and 2 applicational servers.
When the project was ready to go live, we tried to recheck the server Webfront1 by atarting the web application service and check that every other configuration was ok. After doing so this webfront just didn’t behaved has expected, having a number of non-explicit errors.

After some analisys and some checking with some good friends and Sharepoint Community coleagues, I tries to rule out some possible causes, like:
– checking all services were running, including the Sharepoint 2010 Administration
– Checking every eventviewer entry related to this to try and get some more info
– and finally to check if all clocks in all servers were in synch !!!!!!

Well guess what??? the server Webfront1 was about 5/6 minutes in advanced on the other 3 servers.

As soon as the systems team performed a synchronization with the Domain Controller every thing started working just fine.

So, if by any change you have a message on your Manage Farm Solutions like “Successfully copied solution files to IIS site” and you simply don’t know what might be the problem, just check your servers clocks, it might be the problem, at least in my case it was.

Hope this post can help, because when I tryed to find the cause of this problem it simply wasn’t any information available.

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