Sharepoint 2010 and some more

Well I am back 🙂

I have been away from posting for a while now, but I will try to get back to posting more often.

At this time I am very actively working with Sharepoint 2010, in Internet and Intranet scenarios. With

2010 we had the need to get a real laptop, with the ability to running Sharepoint, so I have a new toy . . . the HP EliteBook 8540w!!! it is indeed a very good computer, but my problem with it is that HP does not support Windows Server 2008, and therefore the drivers available are almost non-existent.

Another new experience has been working more seriously with Hyper-V . . . my thoughts? well if you had used VMWare, Virtual Server/PC or even Virtualbox the administration part was very easy, and the reuse of Virtual Machines was very easy. In Hyper-V this is all less intuitive and more hard. I know that with Hyper-V one of the objective is to have a more robust virtualization . . . and one last thing on Hyper-V, it should be available in Windows 7 !!!!!

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