Sharepoint 2010 Development environment – Windows 7 (Part 2)

Following the first article on setting up a Sharepoint 2010 development environment, this time I will focus on another very cool choice having your development environment on a Windows 7.

If you have the experience of MOSS you know that you could only have it installed in a Windows server OS (2003 or 2008), and this would make you use virtual machines or setting up development servers. This time the people of Microsoft allows you to set up the development in a common Windows 7 (64 bits) machine, personally I find this option a great advantage to every developer that needs to start “playing” with Sharepoint 2010.

I have already a Sharepoint 2010 environment set up in a Windows 7 machine, and so far so good, let me highlight that this solution should be used to discover and build the first experiences, but for a real world set up you should build a more solid solution.

So, cutting back on the small talk . . .  I followed the MSDN article – Setting Up the Development Environment for SharePoint Server.

Good Sharepointing!!

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