Road To Sharepoint 2010 – Some thoughts

Just arrived from the Microsoft’s event Road to Sharepoint 2010, and after a very good overview I can say this . . . The next version of Sharepoint is going to be more developer friendly, allow more business opportunities and more useful to the users.
The highlights have to be the Business connectivity Services (BCS) it is the evolution of the Business Data Catalogs and will allow real integration with LOB systems and read write operations.
The composites area and the Insights (BI) are also some areas to be aware.

There is something I really didn’t like, the Beta version will not be able to upgrade to RTM, like the MOSS version, this will prevent some people from starting to use it before the final version.

I am a fan of Sharepoint ever since the version 2003, and really believe it is a benefit to clients, so I can only wait to start using it.

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One comment on “Road To Sharepoint 2010 – Some thoughts
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    Hope its helpful

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