Explorer View in IE8 not working !!!

Yes, it is true, in my Windows XP with IE8 I simply cannot work with the Explorer View in a document library, the message is : “Please wait while Explorer View is loaded. If Explorer View does not appear, your browser may not support it.“.

It seems this is a known issue and it only happens in certain environments.

Update !!! : There is a workaround that you can use, in the Document Library -> Actions -> Open With Windows Explorer this will open a new Windows Explorer window that is in reality a web folder to the Document Library.

Computer developer/consultant from Portugal. You can find me at ricardo.magalhaes@gmail.com

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3 comments on “Explorer View in IE8 not working !!!
  1. cory says:

    have u found a solution for this? I have the same issue on my corporate install of WSS 3.0

  2. Rick says:

    Have a solution for this?
    Thanks a lot!!

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