DevDays09 – Day 2

The second day of DevDays started with a session on Web Sites performance and optimization (WUX303), by Tiago Silva a good overview om good practices and problems to avoid.
The second session was about Visual Studio Team System 2010: Team Architecture & Team Development & Testing by Ivo Ramos and Ricardo Jesus (TLA209), a very good overview on some of the new features available on VS 2010.

Just before lunch I went to WPF in business application by Cristyan Manteiga, personally I have to say it was the weakest of all sessions I attended, part because it was given in Spanish what made the message more difficult to understand.

After lunch we had one of the more fun sessions to attend, Visual Studio 2010: Web Development Futures . . . Nuno Silva showed us some very cool features in VS2010 as well as some news on .NET 4.0 framework.

The final session of DevDays was on Sharepoint 🙂
my good friends Bruno Valente and Rui Melo finally had their session on Sharepoint Development: the good, the bad and the villain (WUX302) that was postponed the previous day.
This session was in a Chalk-Talk format that means we have a great two way session between the presenters and the audience. Because there were a lot of Portuguese Sharepoint experts it was a very good talk on Sharepoint practices and experiences.

I love attending these events, it is the oportunity to attend some very good sessions, but most of all it is the oportunity to be with the comunity, meet friends and exchange experiences.

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One comment on “DevDays09 – Day 2
  1. Wow, I’ve definitely learned the techniques in this comprehensive tutorial. Thank you for sharing this information.

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