DevDays09 – Day 1

In the first day of DevDays09 in Portugal, TagusPark, we had a very pleasant sunny day , and some very good sessions.



  • Some pointers from Microsoft on the new products and technologies.
  • WUX211 – Silverlight data and Controls: a good overview on silverlight data acquisition and the use of custom controls to present it.
  • ARC202 – Introduction to windows Azure and the Azure service: Beat Shwegler has done an overview and some demos on Azure services.
  • WUX301 – Silverlight 2 good practices – Pedro Fortes has shown and warned us on good practices and some problematic approaches in developing and using Silverlight in web and applications.
  • WIN202 – .NET Framework 4.0 – Nuno Godinho told us  the mains topics and news on the new version of the .NET Framework.
  • WUX207 – Sharepoint Deployment – André Vala and Raul presented a very useful session on deployment in MOSS, the available techniques and the best approaches.

The session of Sharepoint development: The good the bad and the villain  of Bruno Valente and Rui Melo has been transferred to day 2 at 15:45 room 17 – WUX302

waiting for a very good day 2.

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