Microsoft TAG and QR Code

Have you ever heard about bar codes that cellphones or PDAs could read? No?  Well, they exist and are around for about 14 years!

Imagine that your CellPhone or PDA is capable of reading “Bar Codes”, and that these “Bar Codes” have more information than the typical product ID, well this is a reality for about 14 years. Of course that the “Bar Code” is not the typical one we are used to see in products, but instead it is a graphical representation of colors.

QR Code

This technology has been around for 14 years, and is essentially a square with black and white squares that represent data.

Welcome message

Welcome message

Techtalkpt URL
Techtalkpt URL

 These two examples allow you to test the QR code reader: i-nigma

You can generate your own labels at this URL:

Microsoft TAG

Microsoft Tag is the answer from Microsoft based in the HCCB technology, is represented by a square with multiple color triangles.

Welcome Message

Welcome Message

Techtalkpt URL

Techtalkpt URL

These two examples allow you to test the TAG reader: reader

You can generate your own Tags at this URL:


In the battle between these 2 technologies, QR Code is way ahead due to its 14 years of existence and of appliance, but because HCCB is capable of having more data in a smaller Tag and it is Microsoft there is in my personal view a serious contendant to QR Code, and depending on Microsofts stategy, it might be a part of our life quicker than we though.

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3 comments on “Microsoft TAG and QR Code
  1. Ian Foster says:


    You can follow QR code news at and learn how they work at


  2. Туризм says:

    Thank god some bloggers can still write. Thank you for this read!

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