Sharepoint “14” Alpha released . . . to selected testers!!!!

We already heard that Office “14” is around, and some say that it will be available until the end 2009 . . . or in the beginning of 2010. But what I was still to hear was that the Alpha version is a reality and it has been released to a selected testers group.

No,unfortunately I am not one of them, but I would not mind 🙂

Well you can check this information for your own, in the Mary Jo Foley ZDNet blog, her post “Select testers get Office 14 alpha release” confirm that there are for a few months testers couping with the Alpha version of Office System, this of course includes Sharepoint “14”.

Another interesting information is from Joel Oleson that along side with Mike Watson is writting a Sharepoint “14” book, well he doesn’t confirm, but I would guess both of them are Alpha Testers, what do you think?

Personally I am very eager of starting exploring Sharepoint “14”, because of all the new functionality that already been announced, but also because of the information that I have under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). Believe me that are really cool stuff planned, we just have to wait to see if they are really being implemented.

According to information’s, the Beta version should be announced until the end of the first quarter of this year, and hopefully the RTM version will be released until the end of the year.

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