Sharepoint 2007 and SSL

If you are developing a website using MOSS and you have a restricted part, you should use the SSL approach to insure that the restricted access is safe. But the use of SSL in MOSS can be tricky, so any help on this subject is most welcome, once again Codeplex comes to the rescue!

In Codeplex there is a project called SharepointSSLHTTPModule by Spencer Harbar (harbars)

Makes it easy for developers to SSL enable certain parts of a MOSS 2007 WCM Publishing site

The use is pretty simple, you have to install the application (or use the source code) and then following the instructions from the HttpModulSample.doc you should add some configurations to the web.config and  . . . it is done!

It works and from a developer perspective is one less headache in the project, with the advantage of enabling SSL only on specific parts of a publishing site.

Personally I consider this Codeplex project a must in restricted areas in a website in MOSS.

You can find this Codeplex project here.

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