Incremental Deployment fails with “Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint ‘PK__#ExportObjects … Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘dbo.#ExportObjects’.”

When i got an error message on an incremental deployment task, I was far from knowing what was happening and the bumpy road I am at . . .

The error message from my Incremental deployment was “‘System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException’ : ‘Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint ‘PK__#ExportObjects____2281AB06’. Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘dbo.#ExportObjects’. The statement has been terminated.’“.

By searching for this error message, i came accross a Microsoft support hotfix (936867) that solved this issue, well because the Service Pack 1 was already available I checked if this hotfix was included in it, and it was 🙂

So, we apply the SP1 and tested our incremental deployment and … it still fails! It seems that what the hotfix fixed the SP1 unfixed (bug?).

So my journey continues and after a few phonecalls to some friends at Microsoft and some Googling i came accross a new Hotfix that fixes what the SP1 unfixes, coll . . . there is still hope!

So the current hotfix to solve this issue is the 950279, that among other issues it solves the primary key violation. This hotfix must be asked for is not available for download, and it is only available to the main languages, which means that in my case the Portuguese (Portugal) version is still not available to be asked.

So i still don’t have a solution, but i know it exists, the problem is that the timeframe for the hotfix in the Portuguese version to be available should be weeks if not months!

To sum up, the regional versions of Sharepoint that are not part of the main languages list will always suffer due to the timeframe of the releases of the specific versions (product, hotfixes, service packs), but there is still hope nevertheless!

When you need to start a project you can present an alternative solution to your client, build the Internet/intranet site on an English version Sharepoint with the specific Language Pack. This will provide the same solution with a twist: You will have the Central Administration in English, and if you build your sites choosing the specific language they will be exactly the same to the admins, content managers and users. The advantages are that all future releases and fixes will be immediately available and you will have better luck trying to understand the error messages and issues, because there is much more information available for the English version.

You can find infornation on the

936867 Hotfix:

Service Pack 1:

950279 Hotfix:

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