Content Deployment fails with “Failed to compare two elements in the array”

Recently i came accross an issue when trying to setup Content Deployment in a project, the architecture of the project is an Authoring MOSS Farm in the internal network and a Publishing Farm in a DMZ.

When i tryed to establish the Deployment Path between Farms everything was ok, and so it was the tests of the Tasks defined, but when i ran the Full Deployment to build the publishing site in the DMZ i came accross the following error “Failed to compare two elements in the array”. The usual reason for this error is that the Site Collection has reference to Features that are not installed in the MOSS Server (this can happen if you develop your Site Collection in an Enterprise version of MOSS and then deploy to a Standard version). 

Because i didn’t know what was the problem i Googled and found a very usefull article from Stefan Gossner about this specific error:

Basically Stefan has developed two very usefull tools to deal with this problem, one help us to identify the missing Features – WSSAnalyzeFeatures and the other allow us to deactivate the reference to the Feaures in the specific site – WSSRemoveFeatureFromSite.

These tools are available in the Codeplex.


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