Thoughts on Virtual Earth and Silverlight

I have been posting less because I’m involved in a number of projects, but nevertheless there is always the time to post from time to time.

In the last weeks i have been challenged  with developing some Virtual Earth and Silverlight solutions to MOSS. Well, we must start with the basics, what are they and what can we do with them . . . I will try to have this described in future postings, for now a quick review of what i done.

Virtual Earth

So I needed to have represented the Lisbon area and in it different zones and items in the zones, this is rather simple to do (if you have the coordinates of the areas and items), you can even build an XML to feed the bulk of information to place in the maps (I Will explain how in the specific posting to be done). Then I needed to identify different states of the Zones, by representing the icons (push pins or custom icons) with different colors, and different information. This must be done dynamically according with real-life status information, well it was a challenge.


In the Silverlight  i needed to enable the listing of documents from MOSS Libraries and to have the possibility of playing Flash and Videos. There are a lot of examples nowadays in the web and my task has been more smooth, thanks to all you guys that help the community with the correct examples.

To wrap up, these two technologies allow you to provide richer and better looking solutions to your projects, and they are not that hard to start with.

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