Windows Search Server 2008

I’m currently in a project using Search Server 2008 and let me tell you it has been a very goos suprise.

Having experience with the search of Sharepoint (2003 / 2007) the use of Search Server 2008 it is quite smooth, most of the functionalities are the same that the Search of MOSS provides, you can have has content source Sharepoint Sites, Web Sites, Public Folders and Public Exchange Folders. All this information can be indexed, you can define metadata, scopes, crawl rules, set schedules for incremental and full crawls.

Well, there is even a Express version for us to play with.

It is a real alternative to organizations that just want to have their existing information searchable.

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One comment on “Windows Search Server 2008
  1. Tom says:

    I do not have experience w/MOSS nor the new Search Server. I’m looking for a Search server that will work w/the following:

    I already have a web application where I serve an intranet file store from a server bank. I looking for a new Search server function that can not only index these files, but allow me to control which files & index data are returned via my application’s authentication methods.

    Is the new Search Server capable of fitting into my needs here w/o utilizing Sharepoint? If so, please elaboate.

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