Do you want to use Resources to translate your site’s language, think again!

Due to the fact that migration between different server languages is not supported, one of the possible solutions might be to change the resources (like we did it in CMS) to “translate” the labels in the site, well you can do this but be warned that the consequences can be unpredictable.

What are resources? Well in Sharepoint you have files that determine the language being used and the correspondent labels text, you have these files for a number of languages. If you change the files marked within the  en-US folder for the pt-pt (portuguese) for example, this will mean that all labels in English will stay in Portuguese.

This week we tried to do this to test a theory and we confirmed that you have to be very careful  with what you change 🙂

The outcome can be . . . you became enable to create pages, yes pages! why?

Because in regional versions of Sharepoint, there are different database field names, that means if you change the word Page to whatever word is correspondant in your language, the creation of pages still looks for the Pages word, and therefore you will get an error message saying that there are no page layouts available in the Master pages Library.

One last advice, be very careful with the version of MOSS you use in the beginning of the projects, because migration between regional versions is not supported.

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