Problems in MOSS Land? well, join the club!

MOSS is a wonderful evolution of the Sharepoint platform, nevertheless it has some “challenges” that really push us to artistic solutions or madness 🙂

Some of the more problematic issues, in my opinion, are: variations, deployment and migrations.

Let me explain why . . .

    • Variations

      Very useful feature in MOSS that allow us to have multi-language sites in a very simple way, add the Language Pack of the desired language and configure the variations. Once created the hierarchy this should replicate the structure of sites and sub-sites and the content, if specified, of pages. Guess what? sometimes the behavior of the variations is itself a variation, I had a scenario where for one language it replicated almost the full structure, and for another language it would replicate only 10% . . . why? still trying to guess, because the behavior was not consistent …

      Of course this has solution, but if this solution is to rebuild the source site so that the replication is made site by site, it really is annoying.

      •  Deployment

      The Deployment is a very tricky case, it is really one of the most challenging tasks because if your environment is very simple, with no development or  no heavy customization, it should run smoothly. But the more complex the environment and the solution the more troubles you will have deploying. In my case I had a complex solution and environment so problems in MOSS Land . . . well, this one I cannot give you a small solution because each case can have has a particular way to be solved, but usually a bit before we loose our mind we find the desired solution 🙂

      • Migrations

      Good things: Possibility of upgrade directly from SPS 2003 to MOSS 2007 (same language product!!!!). Same with CMS 2002 to MOSS 2007 (it has some annoying but well known results, but I still haven’t done the enough testing on this specific migration).

      Big problems: If you want to migrate from SPS 2003 to MOSS 2007 and the products have different languages (i.e. SPS2003 English to MOSS 2007 Portuguese) it is not simple!!! The direct upgrade is not possible because the fields mapping in the Databases are different, and this conversion are not supported by Microsoft.

      If you want to migrate from MOSS 2007 English to MOSS 2007 Portuguese this migration is also very troublesome, because the Export/Import action (STSADM) is dependent of Language ID and therefore it won’t work!!!

      So if you think that these problems only happen to you, join the club!!!

      Computer developer/consultant from Portugal. You can find me at

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