Multilingual scenario with Variations

One of the exciting features of MOSS is the possibility of having Multilingual sites without developing a single line of code. To do this we use the variations, and the Language Packs available to install.

  1. First install the Language packs of the languages you need
  2. Set the settings of the Variations on the Site Settings of your Site Collection (publishing site), here you can set if you the multilingual is going to be of the entire site structure and pages.
  3. Create the variation labels, one for each language you want and don’t forget to build the one you want to be the main language, this one will also be the source of the variations
  4. Create hierarchies in the same screen, this will in reality create the multilingual in the site

After this, all changes in structure and content (pages and not lists and libraries) will be replicated in the various language sites.

If you want to add a new language, just repeat the process described before, but in step 3  you won’t need to set the source languae because it is already set, after creating the specific Label for the new language, just re-create the hierarchies and the new site language will be available.

Note 0: the process of replication to the multiple language sites may take a while.

Note 1: some contents may cause replication to fail, but just in that specific page or site.

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