SharePoint Connections – Session Follow Up: Create an Internet-Facing SharePoint Site

From Todd Baginski’s blog an article from the Sharepoint Connections Session follow up on  creating an internet-facing Sharepoint Site.

It is a very complete article with references to other articles on many subjects. A must read to anyone who wants to create an Internet site in Sharepoint.

During the Create an Internet-Facing SharePoint Site session I covered the following topics.

  1. Setting up forms based authentication.
  2. Creating your own custom Master Pages and style sheets
  3. Personalizing site content for users.
  4. Leveraging the Business Data Catalog to surface and interact with back end systems.

Each of these topics is broken down more in depth in this blog post.  All the code used during my demos can be found in the rar file linked at the end of this post.

You can find this article here.

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