Sharing files: File Share vs Sharepoint

Joel Oleson has brought up this subject on his blog, this is a recorent topic whenever we have a client that only uses file sharing and it is reluctant to change that option to an Sharepoint solution.

From my own experience there are a lot of advantages to use Sharepoint, first of all because we can store a lot more information and not only files, but also because Sharepoint also provide us with a lot of cool and usefull functionalities. Like Joel says from the System Administrators point of view the cheapest option will be File Share, but from a colaborative perspective Sharepoint wins by far.

You can find this topic here.

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3 comments on “Sharing files: File Share vs Sharepoint
  1. Anthony says:

    If you use SharePoint you need a CAL. However if you just add something like Atlassian Confluence wiki Enterprise to your Intranet or Extranet, people can collaborate and share information without CALs, and without locking information into a proprietary format that also requires a license to use. So it works much better in a large but not homogenous environment.

  2. Hi Anthony.
    it’s good when we get some feedback from the articles we post or mention, thanks.
    There are a number of solutions that allow collaboration and knowledge sharing without the need of a CAL. And one of them is WSS 3.0 🙂
    You can still have the Sharepoint experience for free.

  3. Marc N. S. D'Oliveira says:

    Oi Ricardo,

    I am involved with implementing SharePoint 2007 Standard CAL vs Novell file sharing that is currently in place for the organization. The more we look at it, the CAL becomes a mute point because the over all benefit out ways the financial cost over the course of one year.

    Confluence is a good solution but, not for a very large shop that is trying to reduce the amount of administration of multiple information stores as the organization seeks to consolidate information for regulated and non-regulated content management.

    Not to say that Microsoft is the only solution available but, from an administration and user acceptance put of view MOSS 2007 offers and organization benefits that exceed the cost (that will only lower over the course of time with departmental charge backs for services rendered by SharePoint Technologies).


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