TechDays 2007 – Review

Well the 3 days of the TechDays event have finished and the evaluation is very good, 3 days of technical sessions, hand on labs, communities interaction and most of all technical brainstorming with the other participants.

I will only reference the sessions I attended and some other feedback from other people.

Diploma and Certification

Day 1

10:00 People Ready – opening session by a lot of people 🙂

  • A good overview of what the Techdays would be, references to some new technologies and projects.

12:00 Net 3.0 – Development platform by José António Silva

  • The .Net 3.0  platform is available and has some new cool “tools” for us to play with

14:15 Biztalk Server R2 – new features by João “Jota” Martin

  • Jota has just been to the MVP Summit and brought us some of the new features of the new release of Biztalk Server

16:00 Robotics Studio – Programing and simulation of robots by Jon Mandrel

  • probably the weakest presentation of the day. The theme is interesting, but in my opinion we were all expecting more demos and less code . . .

17:45 Hidden Gems in ASP.NET by Jeff Prosise

  • The best session of the day in my opinion, a very good presentation by Jeff and a lot of “hidden gems” for us to know

Day 2

09:30 The Social Life of Information (TSLOI) – Part 1/3: Collaboration by Beat Schwegler

  • The best session of the day for me, because it was on the subject of how can Sharepoint help people on their work, it wasn’t so much on the platform but most of all  on how can collaborative tools help to improve the already existing processes.

11:15 The Social Life of Information (TSLOI) – Part 2/3: Search by Beat Schwegler

  • The capabilities of search and the need to have the information searchable.

13:30 The Social Life of Information (TSLOI) – Part 1/3: Workflows, Forms and Excel Services by Beat Schwegler

  • the new built in workflows in Sharepoint (Windows Workflow Foundation), the capabilities that having Infopath web-based forms to use in Sharepoint and finally the new Excel Services that open new opportunities of providing information based on Excel sheets, but with the new capability of having them server sided.

15:15 Office 2007: Business Intelligence capability by Kirk Haselden

  • Overview of the Business Intelligence in Sharepoint

17:00 ASP.NET Ajax by Joaquim Silva

  • Overview of ASP.NET Ajax

Day 3

09:30 The worries of an Architect by Tiago Pascoal and Bruno Câmara

  •  The system architect has so much to worry, this was the topic of the original presentation, where in a psichiatric session the Architect reveals his worries to the doctor.

11:15 Extensability of Windows Workflow Foundation with Custom activities by João “Jota” Martins

  • good practical session on WF and Custom activities

13:30 Digital Autarchy by João Almeida and António Ribeiro

  •  The solution of Microsoft for the Autarchies.

15:15 Building WCF services with WF: present and future by Miguel Barros

  • a very “heavy” session, lots of code and VS 🙂

17:00 Team System – Agile Methodology and Concepts: SCRUM, MSF, XP by Tiago Pascoal and Bruno Câmara

  •  A good overview of some methodology.

There are always things to improve, but overall  it was a very good event . . . looking forward to the next one . . . 🙂

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