Backup and Restore Web Applications in MOSS – Part 2 Restore

The restore process is the one we need to be carefull, specially for Web Applications that have custom Webparts, User Controls and Master pages.

The process of restore:

Central Administration -> Operations -> Backup and Restore -> Restore from Backup

– Backup file location (step 1)

–  Choose the Backup to be restored from the list available and Continue Restore Process (step 2)

– choose (checkbox) the web Application from the tree and Continue Restore Process (step 3)

– Finally, define the Type of Restore (New Configuration / Same Configuration)

  •     Same Configuration:
    • You need to validate the user and password for the Web Application and related Shared Services.
  • New Configuration:
    • You need to validate the user and password for the Web Application and related Shared Services.
    • Give new names to :
      • Content DB
      • Shared Services DB
      • New Server Name for User Profile Application
      • New Server Name for UShared Search Index
      • Shared Services Search DB

A Restore Job will be created and you can check on the status from the Backup and Restore Status screen.

Custom Web Parts, User Controls or Master Pages

After the Restore you need to check the web.config of the new Web Application, if you have made changes in the Development they should be replicated by you in the new web.config.

If yourweb applications User Controls, they should be placed in the correct place in the new scenario. There can be problems with Custom Web Parts, you might need to re-import them to the Web Part Gallery.

This was just one of the possible ways to Backup and Restore, there are more that I hope to describe in the near future.

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4 comments on “Backup and Restore Web Applications in MOSS – Part 2 Restore
  1. Asem says:

    Can we backup a site in WSS 3.0, then restore this site in another pc using MOSS 2007


  2. Yes you can, it all depends on how you perform the backup. You can backup and restore the Site using the command -line (STSADM).

    So you can backup a WSS 3.0 site and restore it to MOSS 2007 associating it to a Web Applicaton.

  3. Rajiv Ranjan Giri says:

    I have two machine (MOSS 2007) and i want to take backup from one machine (successfully taken using central administration) and then want to restore the same on the other machine to get the same content and look & feel for the site at new server. Please suggest me for the same even u can ping me on my mail account if gets anything on this.

  4. Ashutosh Dhande says:


    I have gone through the above process of Back Up and Restore but after the restoration when i opened that web application it gives an error “Http 404 File Not Found”
    Where as the content database was created for the new application..
    What will the solution for that…or Am I missing something….?
    Please help.
    Thank You.

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