Technet Forums for Sharepoint

Microsoft has created a new section in the Technet Foruns, the Sharepoint products and technologies. This new section is to be used to allow threads of topics on the multiple subjects in MOSS.

You can find these foruns here.

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One comment on “Technet Forums for Sharepoint
  1. Prashant Borude says:

    Hello everyone,

    I am newbee to SharePoint development and I got stuck on my first task. I am working on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007.I am trying to find information on “How should I implement integration between different Application Templates”. What have to do is – I have loaded application templates Bug Database and Timecard Management and I want to share the data between these 2 templates. e.g. – time card should be able to retrieve the bug id when user wants to enter time against any bug.

    Is that possible??? If yes, please provide me some hints.

    Best Regards,

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