Blogs to take into account :)

I haven’t had much time to post because my main focus has been MOSS 2007 and the projects I have in hands, but today I would like to highlight some of the blogs I usually visit on a daily basis.

Mark Harrison – Sharepoint, CMS and much more

Stefan Gossner – CMS guru and some WSS and MOSS info

João “Jota” Martins – Portuguese Biztalk MVP, and MOSS usefull input

Mário Romano – A coleague and friend new to the blog world, but with very interesting analisys on programming and computers in general.

Joris Poelman (JOPX) – Windows Sharepoint Services MVP, very good MOSS 2007 info

and for last but not least 🙂

Jan Tielens and Patrick Tisseghem both MVP Sharepoint – a must in technological blogs on Sharepoint.

Today I have only referenced non Microsoft people, but next post will be on Microsoft tech blogs 🙂

Computer developer/consultant from Portugal. You can find me at

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