Awareness of MOSS 2007 Outside of SharePoint Community

This is a topic that raises some questions on how well are the organizations informed on the tools to help organise their information. I believe that the information inside an organization is the main asset and therefore it should be secure, organized and available within an organization.

Sharepoint has been along the years growing in the application in organizations, but even today there are many that simply do not know of the existence of the Sharepoint platform or are just discovering. Even-though MOSS will probably be officially launch in the beginning of 2007 next week i am starting a project to develop 5 Sharepoint 2003 intranets . . . this says it all!

I personally think that one  of the main steps towards MOSS rapid acceptance is to use it in our own companies . . .

If you can sell it to your administration, you should be able to sell the concept to your clients 🙂

The clients that already use Sharepoint after knowing what MOSS can offer will certainly want to “upgrade”, even-though this will also depend on the licensing . . .

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