Windows SharePoint Services Organizational Issues White Paper

Mauro Cardarelli has a couple of articles an references on Sharepoint that makes us think on how to use and plan the application of the Sharepoint platform.

Sharepoint: Technology Framework or Business Facilitator?

“. . . I’ve told many IT folks that SharePoint technologies is about as close to open source as MS will ever get.  I’m not sure if that is exactly true but I often make the satement for effect.  SharePoint exposes all its data and functionality through its database, object model and web services.  You can automate, extend or replace anything.  Just look at the third party market around SharePoint, for this version and next.  That said, is SharePoint really a development platform? Or, as I tell folks, more of a facilitator? . . .”

Great Sharepoint Strategy Resource

“In my last post I mentioned the importance of a good SharePoint strategy . . .”

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