MOSS BDC MetaData Manager

From Tod Baginski’s blog an article on a very usefull tool that he created to help create a MOSS Business Data Card Application Definition. Thanks Mark Harrison for the reference to this article.
What would you say if I told you that you could create a MOSS BDC Application Definition without writing a single line of code?  How about if the process took less than 20 clicks of your mouse?

this is possible with the help of an application I created called the MOSS BDC MetaData Manager.  The application allows you to point and click your way to BDC euphoria (if there is such a thing), and requires no knowledge of C#, VB.NET or XML.  If you can use a computer then you can use this tool.  Seeing that you are using a computer and found your way to this web page, you already qualify!
You can find this article here.

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