SharePoint Server 2007 for MCMS 2002 Developers

From Microsoft, this is probably one of the most important articles on Sharepoint 2007 and CMS 2002, it simply explains what has changed and how things are done now. Very usefull specially to CMS 2002 developers. This post has been corrected to enable the full article to remain in the original place, and I will just highlight some parts.

Office SharePoint Server 2007 default functionality frees you from the routine work of creating custom code for common tasks, and in addition, offers the following new features:

  • Extensible workflow
  • Enterprise Search engine
  • Multilingual site publishing
  • Recycle bin (new for SharePoint Server)
  • RSS feeds
  • Single Sign On

You no longer have to deploy a solution based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and a solution based on MCMS because, in SharePoint Server, you can develop a single solution that includes both content management and collaboration capability. SharePoint Server is built upon Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (version 3), and offers a powerful new API. You have access to built-in Web Parts, lists, document libraries, templates, workflows, and RSS.

some of the most important topics :

  • Page Processing
  • Channel vs Sites
  • Template Objects vs. Siet Content Types
  • Master Page and Page Layout Gallery
  • Placeholder Definitions vs Site Columns
  • Template Files vs. Page Layouts
  • Placeholder Controls vs. Field Controls
  • Postings vs. Pages
  • Resource Galleries vs. Image and Document Libraries
  • Roles vs. Permission Levels
  • Right Groups vs. User Groups
  • Publishing Events vs. Windows Workflow Foundation
  • Visual Studio 2003 vs. SharePoint Designer 2007
  • Site Deployment Code vs. Administration Tasks
  • Navigation
  • Authentication
  • API Changes

I know it is pratically the all article I’m highlighting, but that is because it is really an important article.

You can find this article here.

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