How to make a Recently Updated view in a SharePoint Document Library

From Joel Ward's blog a tip on how to configurate a document library to have a filter showing the last updates in it:

  1. In the document library, click Modify settings and columns
  2. Under Columns, click Add a new column
  3. Add a column called "Today" as a Single line of text column.
  4. Click Add a new column again and add a column called "ViewUntil" with the following settings:
    • Type: Calculated (calculation based on other columns)
    • Formula: [Today]+7
    • Data type returned: Date and Time, Format: Date Only
    • Unclick Add to default view
  5. Delete the "Today" column that you created earlier
  6. Back on the Customize document library screen, click Create a new view
  7. Call the view "Recently Updated" or whatever you want. Choose whatever columns you wish, but make sure to include the "ViewUntil" column. Sort however you like.
    • Under Filter, select Show items only when the following is true
    • Show the items when column "ViewUntil" "is greater than or equal to" "[Today]" And "Modified" "is greater than or equal to" "5/4/2006" (replace with the date from seven days ago)
  8. Click Ok and now you have a list view that shows documents updated in the past week. It will be updated whenever a user adds or modifies a document.

You can find this tip here.

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