Office 2007 – Save As improved

 In Sharepoint Solutions Resource Portal, Shane has taken our attention to a small but very handy feature of the upcomming Office 2007, the Save As in Office Applications directly to Sharepoint:

We will add this to the list of little features that make me happy.  So Bob, your accountant, has created a new word document and he would like to save it to his HR site.  Now even though you made the site easy to find by giving it the URL http://portal/sites/hr there is no way Bob can remember that.  So he is now stuck saving the document to his desktop, opening IE, navigating to his site and then the document library.  Then he can click on upload and add the document.  That works but it is cumbersome.  What would be ideal is if Bob could click save as from word, type in http://portal and then navigate to the site and document library.  In SPS 2003 that wasn't doable.  In SPS 2007 it is.  Hooray.  Check out the screen shot.

All of the sub-site available below a site now show up on the web view of the save screen.  Hooray. So this allows me to navigate to sites and then navigate to its subsite called HR.  Just like the user would do if they were in the portal with IE.  Very cool!

You can find this article here.

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