Numbers in SharePoint Search and noise filtering

I found a very usefull reference in Joris Poelmans blog, about the search in Sharepoint and some of the issues related to numbers and noise filtering.

Whenever you try to search in SharePoint and you are trying to search for a number combination – e.g. you have a custom metadata field contain productid in format P123-980 – you will notice that the search will not return the results you are expecting. The reason why this happens is that SharePoint uses a couple of files containing noise words which are omitted from the search – this will remove things such as "the", "a", … – numbers are also added in there. What you need to do:

  • Remove the numbers from noiseenu.txt which you will find at [Sharepoint Portal Server Install directory]/Applications/Guid/Config


  • Restart the SharePoint search service


  • Reset the indexes and perform a full build
  • For more info check out How to customize SharePoint Portal Server 2003 by using IFilters, noise words, and thesaurus files and also take a look at how SharePoint Search works in multilinguage scenarios

    You can find the reference here.

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