How do I add Icons to sharepoint?

Sharepoint has a limited number of icons available, specially for Office aplications, but you can add more icons if needed, like a PDF. There is an file available in the web that has some icons that you can use to include in Sharepoint.

To do so you need to have:

– The icons have to have 16X16 pixels size

– Need to be placed in the …60/TEMPLATE/IMAGES folder,and rename it IC???.GIF (ICPDF.GIF in the case of PDF)
Note: Make a copy of the new icon and call it ???16.GIF(PDF16.GIF in the case of PDF), this new icon enables the new icon to be showned in the search results.

– Add an entry of the new icon file type in the DOCICON.XML, tou can find this file in …60/TEMPLATE/XML.

Finally you need to perform an IISRESET (Start -> Run -> cmd   type iisreset on the command line).

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8 comments on “How do I add Icons to sharepoint?
  1. Great information thanks for sharing. I actually have a sharepoint install that I can use this on.

  2. Cialis says:

    NyXlkW Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

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