SharePoint – The Future Starts Now

With the new version of SharePoint 2016, there are a lot of changes happening.

Microsoft has provided a short video on SharePoint, enjoy!


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SharePoint – Follow the New Informations

If you want to have access to all the latest information’s on SharePoint, just get into the Blog.

And get access to all the juicy stuff, like what is happening just now: The Future of SharePoint


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SharePoint App? YES, Microsoft is going Mobile with SharePoint.

Starting this month (May) and until the end of the year Microsoft will begin to make available SharePoint Mobile Apps (iOS, Android and Windows).


Image by ZDNET.

Microsoft is also planning to make available other Apps for applications like Onedrive.




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SharePoint 2016 Zero Downtime patching … demystified by Stefan Gossner

So one of the exciting news from SharePoint 2016 is that it is possible to have zero downtime when patching, this is a real game changing for all you IT Admins out there.

But sometimes it is important to have this information made clear, so Stefan Gossner has made a post on the topic to help  understanding it.

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Sharepoint 2016 RTM – Available for download in subscription

In the beginning of March we had the anouncement that Sharepoint 2016 RTM was available for download, but it was a trial and the final release would be made available thru subscription on beginning of May… guess what? it is available from the 2nd of May.


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SharePoint 2010: Search sorting with text properties problem

In SharePoint 2010 if you configure some text properties, or even properties like title, to be used for sorting on search results, you might end up with an error like:

error exception from hresult: 0x80040e60


The solution is to change the setting in the Managed Property Storage setting of the properties in question, and then perform a full crawl.


This solve my problem and the error disappeared.

What is the cause?

Aparently the setting of this option is directly linked the MaxCharactersInPropertyStoreIndex internaly, and for those that would like to dig a bit more, you can analyse the source code of the ManagedProperty.aspx page and understand the internally Sharepoint is performing a check that will fail if the setting is not to use the “Reduce storage requirements for tet properties by using a hash comparison

You can check more on this issue and solution from the following links:



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Office 365 Project Portfolio apps now available


The Project Portfolio Dashboard apps are now available in the app stores for Office and Apple.

These apps consists of powerful dashboards to allow managers (business leaders, portfolio managers and project managers) to have insights on key milestones, active risks/issues, costs,  project portfolio performance and resource utilization.

Download from Office Store: downloading the web app

Download for Ipad: Download the iPad app


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